IIM Calcutta Final Placements 2024: Breaking Records with 529 Offers

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IIM Calcutta Final Placements 2024: The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) recently concluded its final placements for the graduating batch of 2024, marking yet another milestone in its illustrious history. With 464 students participating in the placement process, the institute witnessed a remarkable achievement as 529 offers poured in from 194 prominent companies across diverse sectors.

IIM Calcutta Final Placements 2024:

A Diverse Array of Opportunities:

IIM Calcutta Final Placements 2024

One of the hallmarks of IIM Calcutta’s placement season was the diversity of opportunities offered to its students. The participating companies spanned a wide range of industries, including consulting, finance, technology, e-commerce, consumer goods, and more. This diversity not only reflects the strength of IIM Calcutta’s curriculum in producing versatile professionals but also underscores the robustness of the Indian economy across various sectors.

Highlights of the Placement Seasonp:

  • Highest Domestic Package: The placement season witnessed several high points, with students securing lucrative offers. The highest domestic package offered stood at an impressive figure, showcasing the confidence of recruiters in the talent pool nurtured at IIM Calcutta.
  • International Offers: In addition to domestic opportunities, students also received enticing international offers, further emphasizing the global recognition of IIM Calcutta and the caliber of its graduates.
  • Sectoral Distribution: The distribution of offers across different sectors highlighted the adaptability of IIM Calcutta students to various industries. From traditional sectors like banking and consulting to emerging domains such as fintech and e-commerce, students had a plethora of options to choose from.

Impressive Company Participation:

The placement season saw active participation from a diverse array of companies, ranging from multinational corporations to dynamic startups. This broad spectrum of recruiters not only provided students with abundant choices but also reflected the trust and confidence these organizations place in IIM Calcutta’s talent pool.

Student Perspectives:

Reflecting on their placement experience, students expressed gratitude for the guidance and support provided by the institute. The rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with industry exposure through internships and live projects, equipped them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the corporate world. Many students lauded the institute’s career services team for their dedicated efforts in facilitating interactions with recruiters and preparing them for interviews.

Short FAQ:

Q: How many students participated in the placement process?
A: A total of 464 students participated in the final placement process.

Q: How many offers were extended by companies?
A: Companies extended a total of 529 offers to the graduating batch.

Q: How many companies participated in the placement season?
A: A diverse pool of 194 companies actively participated in the placement season.

Q: What was the highest domestic package offered?
A: The highest domestic package offered during the placement season was remarkable.


The successful completion of the final placements at IIM Calcutta is a testament to the institute’s commitment to academic excellence and industry relevance. By providing students with a conducive learning environment, exposure to real-world challenges, and opportunities for personal and professional growth, IIM Calcutta continues to nurture future leaders who are poised to make significant contributions to the corporate world and beyond. As the graduating batch embarks on their professional journeys, they carry with them the values of integrity, innovation, and excellence instilled by their alma mater, ready to carve a path of success in the dynamic landscape of the global business arena.

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