Yankees' Aaron Judge posts second 50-homer season

Aaron Judge joined Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle as the main New York Yankees to belt at least 50 homers in somewhere around two seasons

Judge socked his major-association driving 50th of the year in the eighth inning against Angels right-hander Ryan Tepera

Ruth had four 50 or more homer seasons for New York, and Mantle arrived at the 50 imprint two times

The main other Yankee to have 50 homers preceding September was Maris, who was at 51 through the finish of August 1961.

Judge grounded out and was purposefully strolled two times on Monday prior to diving deep in a game the Yankees lost 4-3

He expanded his major-association high RBI all out to 110, and he likewise drives the majors in runs (102), extra-fair hits (70) slugging rate (.661), and on-base-in addition to slugging rate (1.057).