Worker Denied Promotion Because His Dad Had Cancer

The video was presented on TikTok by Alex (@alexahom), who expressed: "Genuinely stunned where it counts deeply."

"The best directors are individuals who really care about individuals they work with, and [who] report to them," GoodHire CEO Mike Grossman told Fast Company.

There are a few issues related with home working and, almost three years on from the very beginning of lockdowns

In the event that you don't need your representatives conversing with you about their own circumstances, their own necessities

In his video, Alex said he opened up to his manager about his dad's disease fight. Sadly, the affirmation wasn't dealt with very as he'd trusted.

"I enlightened my manager in certainty regarding my father's disease," read the video's text overlay

"Before the day was finished, my manager had imparted it to administration and said I was unsuitable for an advancement since I had carried my own life to work and set him in a position where he believed he expected to give personal downtime during a bustling period."

Numerous watchers hammered Alex's chief, considering him a "horrible" pioneer.

"Furthermore, for this reason, there is a lack of laborers. What on earth happened to human compassion?" nancy bernreuter inquired