Weird Hollywood hookups: celebrities you never knew dated

 correct? Hollywood A-listers are the same! There have been a lot of celebrity sentiments that were (nearly) lost to the records of the history

NSYNC's Lance Bass and 'Kid Meets World' star Danielle Fishel are helping everybody to remember their previous relationship — by transforming it into a film

"Spear and I are really dealing with a film about our romantic tale and about our prom experience," Fishel made sense of on the August 29 episode of the 'Pod Meets World' digital broadcast which highlighted Bass as a visitor

"I dated Lance for about a year while I was on 'Kid Meets World.' It was my senior year and Lance accompanied me to my secondary school prom."

They separated before long and Fishel was crushed for some time, in any event, destroying her mom's idea that Bass may be gay

"I hung on for trust for a really long time that we planned to reunite and get hitched and have a family, It turns out I'm not Lance's sort