Todd Bowles finds a silver lining in Tom Brady's 11-day break

Questions wait in regards to Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady's 11-day training-camp hiatus

In a plunk down with Hall of Fame mentor Tony Dungy for Sunday's release of Football Night in America

"I thought it was great," Bowles told Dungy, by means of

It seems like a decided work to see the glass as half full, to turn an undeniable negative into a positive

it welcomes a genuine inquiry with respect to what Bowles implies when he alludes to the "long run." As it connects with 2023

So here's the genuine inquiry. Does Bowles respect the work done in Brady's nonappearance as helpful in the "long run" of the time

Brady's response never really yelled down the ambiguous chance that maybe, given the new length of the NFL lobby starting around 2021