Titans' Ryan Stonehouse talks winning rivalry, relationship with Brett Kern

Interestingly starting around 2009, the Tennessee Titans will have a beginning punter not named Brett Kern — and he goes by Ryan Stonehouse

The Steelers reputation has forever been its capacity to develop mid-round wide recipient ability into stars

A 2022 undrafted free specialist marking of Tennessee, Stonehouse procured the job after an exceptionally great instructional course

The way that the Titans would head out in different directions from their long-term punter says a ton regarding how well Stonehouse did

"It was invigorating," Stonehouse said of his opposition with Kern, as indicated by Jim Wyatt of Titans On the web

"He wished me luck," Stonehouse added. "He told me: Congratulations. We talked a few days ago, as well

While Stonehouse enters the 2022 mission as the starter, the Titans are evidently keeping Kern in their back pocket for good measure

Kern's father, Cal, said the group maintains that the 36-year-old should remain prepared for good measure

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