The best getting couple in the Eagles

Could A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith be the best getting couple in the Eagles' set of experiences?

34 years have passed since Mike Quick was one-half of what should be, and presumably ought to have been, the best wide-getting pair the Eagles have at any point had

Cris Carter, whom the Eagles had chosen in the '87 advantageous draft and who proceeded to get 1,101 passes in his Hall of Fame vocation, was entering his most memorable full season in the NFL

That is the thing about the Eagles and their wide-beneficiary couples: Often, the commitment has surpassed the creation

The Eagles marked Brown to a four-year expansion. Smith is only one year into his youngster contract

McDonald had Pete Retzlaff, a tight end. Carmichael had Ben Hawkins and Charlie Smith, who were strong however just discontinuously remarkable

“Obviously a lot of resources used at that position,” Howie Roseman, the Eagles executive vice president and general manager, told