stupid Timmy Trumpet performance

Jerry Seinfeld says Mets blew NL East lead due to 'stupid' Timmy Trumpet performance

Trumpet performed Edwin Diaz's entrance music live during a home game last week

It's been no mystery that artist Timmy Trumpet's live exhibition of New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz's entry melody has circulated around the web

"I fault that dumb Trumpet execution," Seinfeld wrote because of a SNYTV post on Instagram. "Celebrating in season. We haven't won anything yet. Awful magic."

played out his melody "Narco," which has filled in as a revitalizing sob for Mets fans all through the 2022 season when Diaz enters the game

Before Diaz enters games, arena administrators switch out the lights to prepare fans for the trumpeting sounds

Entering Thursday, the Mets have recently had a half-game lead over the Atlanta Conquers

The braves are at present riding a seven-game series of wins and have been perhaps of the most sweltering group in baseball

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