Ricardo Arroyo’s college emails

Ricardo Arroyo’s college emails a few graduated classes about claims

The school Ricardo Arroyo went to in Western Massachusetts has conveyed an email to each and every individual who was there when he was

the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts "keeps on checking the conditions" around the examinations concerning the head prosecutor's confidence.

"Throughout the course of recent weeks, it has become obvious that alum and contender for the Suffolk County (Massachusetts) District Attorney's race, Ricardo Arroyo '11

An MCLA representative let the Herald know that this sort of email is typical practice for high-profile occasions of rape claims against alums.

"As I have kept up with all along, I have never, as a minor or ever, physically attacked anybody," Arroyo said in an explanation

"At the point when charges are made against people no longer at the College, we will evaluate any ongoing association with MCLA