Recipe for Success

Bills QB Josh Allen Cooks Up MVP Statement in Blowout at Rams

The Buffalo Bills entered the 2022 NFL season considered by a larger number of people to be among the most ridiculously complete groups in the NFL

Notwithstanding throwing two captures in the primary half, Allen kept his self-control and drove the Bills on a final part flood

"There's a long way to go, however, that last part, that is who we need to be, going out there and executing that way," Allen said

The Bills did for sure go 9 for 10 on third downs while piling up 413 all-out yards

scrambling for a four-yard score in which Allen's outstretched arm drove the ball past the line with 13:27 to play

The date was January 23, 1994. The Bills crushed the Kansas City Bosses 30-13 at Rich Arena in the 1993 AFC Title Game

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