Padres aren't likely to repeat last year's September collapse

The stretch drive was cruel to the Padres last year, but 2022 is looking different

The San Diego Padres gave off an impression of being following the bend that was required from them

500 and in the playoff position in the National League

The resurgent Padres were falling off a postseason appearance in the shortened 2020 season

1. The timetable is simpler: This season, the Padres' excess rivals have a typical success level of .548. That is an extreme record

2. The pivot is in better shape: At the present time, the San Diego turn is good to go as we're toe-profound into September

3. There's no Fernando Tatis Jr., yet there is Juan Soto (and Ha-Seong Kim): Hotshot shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. has not played this season and won't play this season

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