Nationals have a double-play combo that can grow together

ST. LOUIS — When Dave Martinez went to work out his setup Wednesday evening, he needed to rest tenderfoot CJ Abrams and required a shortstop

After Turner was exchanged, Escobar supplanted him and García required second alongside dissipated appearances for Mercer

The Nationals could have consistency at two spots basic for sound team defense

"It feels extremely normal, truly agreeable," García expressed Tuesday of working with Abrams

His take is that the Yankees' ranch framework "endured big cheeses this late spring" exchanging its two best pitching possibilities

"I'm watching them develop," Martinez said. "As each day goes by, I'm watching those two people and how well they speak with each other

Abrams likes the flips to him to be chest-high. García does, as well, making it simple for him to satisfy that solicitation

García showed up in 181, making him the more senior individual from a new confronted couple

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