MLB Announces Pitch Clock, Larger Bases, and Ban on Shifts for 2023

Friday evening, Major League Baseball reported a few massive changes coming to the game in 2023

Adding a throw clock won't a precisely be unfamiliar area for Major League Baseball

The game at present has a period limit in the middle between pitches, however, umpires haven't been enabled to execute it

8.04 When the bases are vacant, the pitcher will convey the ball to the player in something like 12 seconds after he gets the ball

Starting in 2023, MLB will have a hard pitch clock. A pitcher should convey the ball in something like 15 seconds when the bases are unfilled

In its most memorable year of execution, the typical season of a small-time game was diminished by a little ways from 2021 to 2022

The new shift limitations will require every one of the four infielders to have both of their feet in the infield soil when their group's pitcher is on the elastic

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