Meet Eddinson Paulino

Boston Red Sox’s ‘dynamic’ prospect has 57 extra-base hits, 27 steals and ‘brings it every day

Eddinson Paulino is recorded at only 5-foot-10, 155 pounds

Paulino — who just turned 20 on July 2 — has squashed 34 copies, 10 triples, and 13 homers in 112 games for Low-A Salem

The left-given hitter from the Dominican Republic at first endorsed by Boston for $205,000 in 2018. He has a .358 on-base rate

Paulino is one of only four Red Sox small-time players with at least an additional 50 fair hits

The rundown incorporates Rafaela (61), Niko Kavadas (52), and Matthew Lugo (51)

"He can affect the game in more than one way," Romero said. "He can get on base. He can send off one if necessary