long weekends with back-to-back starts

Angels rookie Ryan Aguilar’s long weekends with back-to-back starts

Drooping youth Jo Adell sits for the 27-year-old apprentice from Yorba Linda

For the second consecutive day, both Ryan Aguilar and Jo Adell were walking and prepared to play for the Angels

Adell, still only 23, has been promoted as a future setup anchor since the Angels picked him in the principal round of the 2017 draft

Adell's normal details, determined by Statcast to mirror the nature of the contact, likewise mirror a profound rut

Aguilar, 27, was an unexpected call-up. Endorsed as a small-time free specialist last December, Aguilar had a .944 on-base in addition to slugging rate

Found out if that implied Adell didn't give the Angels the most obvious opportunity to beat the Astros, Nevin said briskly, "I didn't say that."

"At the point when we sent Aggie down last Sunday, he didn't get a chance to do anything the entire week," Nevin said

"I didn't believe he should sit that long," Nevin said. "That is the reason he played (Friday) night."