Kennedale pulls away

Kennedale pulls away late to down long-lasting opponent Alvarado in a cautious exhibit

Kennedale and Alvarado are long-lasting opponents on the field so it was anything but a stretch to feel that this would be a free for all brawl

The 38th gathering between the two schools ended up being only that as the Wildcats utilized areas of strength for a work to down Alvarado, 27-12, on Friday night at Wildcat Stadium

Alvarado (1-1) pulled to inside 14-9 on a 21-yard Dylan Cox field objective with 6:50 left in the second from last quarter and opened the final quarter driving once more

"My mentors just set me in a situation to make the play and they trust me to make each play on the field," said Sallis. "It felt perfect to move forward for my group at a pivotal turning point like that."

Kennedale (1-1) drop-kicked for the second time with 7:33 left in the main quarter, however the return person for the Indians fumbled the kick and the Wildcats recuperated it at their own 46

"We simply play together and our witticism is 'assault,' said Sallis. "We assault our rivals and when Utu and I are clicking together then it's done. Nobody will do anything to us."

"At the point when you see a great youngster and a group commander and afterward you perceive how they play you can see the reason why Oklahoma State and Kansas State maintain that they should come and play for them."