Jaguars Exit Week 2 Alone

The Jaguars end Week 2 alone in the lead in the AFC South.

Only the Jaguars lead the AFC South standings after Week 2 losses by the Titans, Colts, and Texans

In Week 2, the Jaguars (1-0) defeated the Indianapolis Colts (1-0) by a score of 24-0.

Week 1 saw the Jaguars lose to the Washington Commanders 28–22, although they are the only club in the division to have scored 20 points in both games so far.

Week 3's game between the Jaguars and the Los Angeles Chargers will be challenging on the road.

“To me, it’s up to the team, it’s up to the players really. But for me, it’s kind of easy because the message is always going to be the same thing," Pederson said