plan to slow Commanders WR Terry McLaurin

Jaguars DC Mike Caldwell reveals plan to slow Commanders WR Terry McLaurin

The Jacksonville Panthers' system for dialing back the riskiest weapon on the Washington Commanders' offense isn't excessively luxurious

On Thursday, Jaguars cautious organizer Mike Caldwell said the group doesn't anticipate having a guarded back shadow wide collector Terry McLaurin

"We truly don't need to," Caldwell said. "The present moment, we're thinking 'We should remain left and right.'

McLaurin, who turns 27 next week, received a massive three-year, $68.2 million extension in the offseason after averaging just over 1,000 receiving yards per year in his first three NFL seasons

Jaguars don't anticipate having a player follow McLaurin, Caldwell likewise clarified that the group regards the danger he presents Sunday

"I call him a five-star," Caldwell said. "I realize that may be a school term, however, he's a five-star

There are folks who are go-to folks, and he's a go-to fellow. He has the speed, he has the courses, he has the hands. So he will be really difficult for us."

Last season, McLaurin got 77 passes for 1,053 yards with five getting scores

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