Impose Their will

Deducing how 49ers will ‘impose their will’ in the ever-critical running game

Elijah Mitchell, Trey Lance, and Deebo Samuel aren’t the 49ers’ only rushing threats for this ground-and-pound season

SANTA CLARA — The admonition went out across the 49ers media room quickly after training: "post no recordings or photos of the 49ers' running back drills."

hollered by an individual from the group's correspondence division, was an indication of how secret the 49ers need to keep their surging game's subtleties

The 49ers' 53-man program cuts this previous week portrayed their ground-and-pound approach, which ought to help Lance's onboarding as an NFL beginning quarterback

They have 10 hostile linemen, four tight closures, and All-Pro fullback Kyle Juszczyk to help block for, indeed, no less than four unadulterated running backs

Trey Sermon got postponed, paying little mind to be a 2021 third-balance pick of school forces to be reckoned with Ohio State and Oklahoma. The lesson didn't run perfectly in that frame of mind in the preseason, yet he might have filled the third-down

These 49ers, be that as it may, need however much profundity as could be expected for backbone-type rushers

"This year I am centered around attempting to make individuals miss more, rather than simply running into everyone," Mitchell said Monday