Hall of Famer

Mac Jones shares a similar trait to Tom Brady, according to a Hall of Famer

Master Football Hall of Famer and "Monday Night Football" expert Troy Aikman told ESPN's Mike Reiss that Jones shares something practically speaking with one of the game's best

"I like Mac Jones; I truly do. I think he has all that you want to win in the NFL

Aikman's statement to Reiss isn't the initial occasion when he's piled a gigantic measure of recognition on Jones

"Better believe it he works really hard for a youthful player of getting past his movements," Aikman said of Jones during the Fox broadcast of last November's Patriots-Falcons game

A major piece of the training staff from Jones' new kid on the block season is as of now not in New England

Year 2 for Jones formally starts seven days from Sunday when he and the Patriots head to South Beach to take on the Dolphins in the customary season opener