Giants WR Darius Slayton accepts pay cut

New York Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton spent the summer uncertain about his future

"I don't think astonished is the word. I don't figure I would be shocked now," Slayton said in August. "Consistently, it's similar to my fourth time doing this

Slayton never ducked reporters amid the trade rumors and, surprisingly, kept things happy while examining it

"Their responsibility is to give a valiant effort for this group. So assuming that someone calls them and like assuming the Rams called and resembled we'll give you Aaron Donald for Darius Slayton

He'll be back on Wednesday having acknowledged a compensation sliced to stay with the group

General manager Joe Schoen and lead trainer Brian Daboll had recently said Slayton would stay with the group through basically Week 1

he currently seems bound to brave the 2022 normal season in blue