Franco Harris' No. 32 to be retired

Steelers announce Franco Harris' No. 32 to be retired this season

Pittsburgh Steelers President Art Rooney II held a public interview on Tuesday to make an extremely unique declaration

Alabama remains No. 1. The Crimson Tide got 57 of 65 before the pack votes cast for this current week following a shutout of Utah State

Rooney said the group intends to resign the No. 32 pullover of Franco Harris at the Halftime of the group's Week 16 game against the Las Vegas Raiders

Ohio State clutches a couple of No. 1 votes however slips behind Georgia by 22 survey focuses

This year points to the 50th commemoration of the Immaculate Reception so it just appears to be legit to resign his pullover at that very end of the week they commend the most renowned play in NFL history

The Steelers take on the Raiders this season on Christmas Eve

This imprints just the third time Pittsburgh has resigned a pullover. The group likewise resigned the No. 75 of Joe Greene and the No. 70 of Ernie Stautner