Diamond King

Philly’s Dick Perez is still the ‘Diamond King’ 40 years later

The letters — "many them," Dick Perez said — come from grown-ups who grew up gathering baseball cards during the 1980s

Perez is currently known as baseball's transcendent craftsman, however, for their purposes, he was the artist of their summers

Perez arranged representations each fall in his rural Philadelphia studio of the game's greatest stars and his work was printed each spring by Donruss in its yearly Diamond Kings series

However, he heard nothing from Donruss. No input, no investigates, no inquiries when he changed the styles of the pictures

Perez was the authority craftsman of the Baseball Hall of Fame, his fine art shows up in two official libraries, and he was an ordinary tennis band together with Ted Williams

Perez's most memorable Diamond Kings set was direct: a picture of every player behind a canvas of that player in real life