Cubs' Happ Speaks Mind on New MLB Rules

The Chicago Whelps' MLBPA delegate addressed the media today following MLB's declaration of its 2023 rule changes

Bader will get ready for the Twofold A Somerset Nationalists on Sunday, crawling nearer to his hotly anticipated Yankees debut

Significant Association Baseball declared the execution of clearing rule changes Friday. Premier among those was the expansion of a pitch clock and the prohibition on infield shifts

First utilized during the 1920s to battle Philadelphia Philly's left-given pull hitter, Cy Williams, 'the shift' has been the most despicable aspect of pull big shots, particularly somewhat recently

Ian Happ, the Chicago Offspring's MLBPA delegate talked with Casey Drottar following MLB's declaration

However MLB players had cast a ballot against restricting the shift and against the pitch clock, Happ was satisfied with the new shift rules

"As a left-given hitter, I think the shift disappearing is enormous," Happ said. "There's genuine expertise to the game for left-gave hitters

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