Burr Oak, WP football crews drop games

Both the Burr Oak and White Pigeon football crews were overturned in real life on Thursday night

Decatur scored on a 93-yard score pass with 39 seconds staying to beat White Pigeon 26-22 on Thursday night

The varsity game was played in view of an authority lack of Friday night games

Decatur did all the scoring in the last part of Thursday's games with a couple of scores

Caleb Lane scrambled for a 1-yard TD with a little more than four minutes staying in the initial quarter

Decatur ran the resulting opening shot back for a score. The Bandits missed the change and White Pigeon drove 8-6

White Pigeon was addressed later in the quarter. Dom Frachetti covered off the drive with a 5-yard TD run

Burr Oak tumbled to 0-3 on the season with a 72-0 misfortune at Athens

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