Bills victory Super Bowl champion Rams in the season opener

Josh Allen passed for 297 yards while representing four scores, Von Mill operator had two of Bison's seven sacks

Saugus football (3-1) gave Simi Valley (3-1) its most memorable loss of the time in a cautious fight Thursday night at Gully

The Centurions' guard sparkled more brilliant and held the Trailblazers scoreless through the final part

Saugus quarterback TJ Cataldi had an all over night yet made a few incredible plays, completing 19 of 40 passing with 252 yards and two TDs

Cataldi began the scoring with a 40-yard pass to a completely open Khai Ky-Yeith to take a 7-0 lead

The Trailblazers would answer several drives later after two dropkicks. Sophomore quarterback Steele Pizzella hit running back Caleb Alvary for a 52-yard bomb

The Trailblazers again worked the ball close to midfield however lost Caleb Alvary until the end of the game because of injury

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