As a good kicker

As a good kicker should, Patriots’ Nick Folk tries to ‘put my best foot forward every day

The Folk kids had settled in the loved ones tent at Patriots training camp to watch their dad, Nick, prepare for his fifteenth NFL season

That is the point at which it transformed into intelligent practice, with twins Davis and Gage (age 8), little girl Belle (6), and Ben, the most youthful of the family at 4, going about as accepted kick returners

As Folk and Tristian Vizcaino sent off a large number of kicks, the youthful Folks would endeavor to handle them. Simply a lot of children assisting Dad

"They wound up under [the goalpost] and they would run the balls back out to Tristan and me when we were kicking and stuff," said Folk

"They had a great time doing that and they just run runs the entire time. They have some energy."

"It's extreme as they progress in years, I miss a ton of sports and school occasions and stuff like that," Folk said