An uncommon Mickey Mantle card sells for a record $12.6 million

A Mickey Mantle baseball card in mint condition sold for $12.6 million on 28th August 2022

The most significant piece of sports memorabilia to be sold at a sale

MLBPA to start addressing small-time players in issues of aggregate bartering, over half of those players will then, at that point, need to cast a ballot for unionization

overseer of sports barters at Heritage Chris Ivy said "An eight-figure sell-off brings about the games market was the stuff of imagination simply 10 years prior"

The past record for a sports card was $7.25 million

Ivy said, "It bears the best characteristics any 1952 Topps can have: wonderful focusing, enlistment, and four sharp corners"

"This Mantle youngster card stayed in this condition for a considerable length of time is a genuine marvel.