A career framed by love for the Bucs’ Lavonte David

TAMPA — There is an image in Lavonte David's home. It is outlined in his family room the picture actually comes into the sharp center when he shuts his eyes

The Bucs had recently beaten the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9, to win Super Bowl 55. Confetti and tears gushed down David's face

There were handshakes and embraces with quarterback Tom Brady, different partners, and his significant other, Tondrea

"It was a superb second. He let me know he was pleased with me. He let me know he adored me. He said, 'I let you know one day it planned to work out and to simply stay with the arrangement.' It all occurred."

He is 32, entering the last year of his agreement with the Bucs and maybe the remainder of his profession

Lynette David was Lavonte's anchor, the person who urged him to stay at Fort Scott Community College in Kansas when the work and the winters were unendurable

"My mother imparted in me being a diligent employee," David said. "Never grumbling